Do You Own or are You Planning to Buy a Listed Building in London?

Did you know that listed buildings are subject to all sorts of extra rules and regulations? One wrong step and your refurbishment work must be re-done. It could even be stopped entirely. You can be left with your plans in tatters and your dreams destroyed.

Download our Free Expert Guide


Download our Free Expert Guide

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Our Free Guide Reveals

  • why buildings are listed - and how it affects your property
  • what work you are allowed to do - and what you can't
  • when you need listed building consent - and how to get it
  • common mistakes - and how to avoid getting into trouble
  • and much much more!

See What Our Wonderful Clients Have to Say

One of the things I’ve learnt in my experience of dealing with architects and builders is that there are few relationships in life which are as likely to go wrong as that terrible trinity of architect – client –builder.

The great thing about dealing with TylerMandic is that you get access to some very good architects and access to some masterpiece builders. No building project is without its problems, but my experience was that most problems went away and we were left with an excellent result.

Stephen Bayley
Design Guru and Culture Critic

We really liked the fact that the architects and builders are the same team, because too often things fall through the cracks.

Sometimes the builder will blame the architect and sometimes the architect will blame the builder, but when they are part of the same team, no one can blame anyone else. They also took on all the project management, an absolute blessing once we realised just how involved and complex things could be.

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